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V. God Leveled

(Also may be seen as God Levelled, God-Leveled, God-levelled, or any variation using l33t speak.

1. To be made a fool of; To make a fool of

2. To confound or prove wrong

3. To embarrass or humiliate, usually in an environment where many people are watching

4. To win, specifically to win by a large margin

5. To get beaten in a worse than sad nature

owned , pwned , 0wned , 0wn3d , pwn3d , own3d

Originally used as a term in the furry subculture. The first occurrence of a God Level(ing) happened at Furry Weekend Atlanta, Saturday February 16th 2008.

Different levels of attendance are available to be purchased for the Furry Weekend Atlanta furry convention, giving certain 'perks' or 'incentives' for the more expensive memberships, the highest being 'God-Level', a rarely seen membership level.

A small prank at the 'Charity No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament' event by a staff member of the convention on this particular Saturday night contributed to the creation and use of this term. An attendee of the con entered the room where the event was being held and the staff member promptly stopped him. Not actually being a God level event, he attempted to prank the attendee by flashing his staff badge and stating in a very serious tone that this was in fact a God Level Only event. The attendee, in turn, knowing it was not a God Level Only event decided to play along. He just happened to be a God Level member and flashed his God Level membership badge at the staff member. Whilst everyone knew this was not a God Level Only event, and everyone in the room seeing this happen, created a mass of hilarity and laughter making the first ever God Levelling.
You have been God Leveled.

I God Leveled you!
by Vitai Slade February 18, 2008
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