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Is an alternate way of saying 'The Pink Pound' referring how Gay men have more expenditure, due to the fact that they don't have to pay for a wife and kids.
That Joe Hedges is in the Goatmoney!
by tezzmandoo August 15, 2010
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An party rockin' porno flick of rapidly edited cumshots and grindcore blast beats, clocking in at nearly two and a half hours. All performers wear goat masks for the duration of the film in honour of our dark lord, Satan. Directed by the influential duo Hail Satan (experimental composer Luke R. Corrigan of Plush Kitty fame, Ursula Anvil of the Pillow Fight League)the piece stands as a grand accomplishment in the canon of modern cinema.
Asshole #1: "I love that part in Goat Money when the dude shoots his load all over that girl in the goat mask."

Asshole #2: "Oh, you mean EVERY scene."

Asshole #1: "Pfft... yeah probly."
by Plush Kitty December 19, 2006
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