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Is a taunt or jester used as an insult towards an opposing team or player during games or matches. The insult comes from the idea that the opposing player or team does not know what he or she is doing and should just go home and become a productive member of society by planting sweet potatoes as opposed to them competing and achieving nothing. The taunt is usually displayed when the tide of the match is obviously going in the favor of the one throwing the insult. The phrase is considered funny due to its reference as well as insulting due to the fact that the receiver of the insult is considered to be wasting his or her time by competing. Can be used with the word Potatoes instead depending on the cultural standing of where it is used.
Dan: oh my god man, these guys are losing so badly.

Jake: yeah, I know dude, they should just go home and plant Sweet Potatoes.

Dan: (directed towards losing team) Hey you losers! Go home and plant Sweet Potatoes!
by dreamboy14 June 28, 2010
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