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Probably the world's most annoying TV advert! It features a fat opera singer singing the words "Go Compare" to the tune of "Over There."

They are trying to advertise a car insurance price comparison site but I fail to see what this crap has to do with that.
It was also voted the most irritating advert of 2009 and at the rate this is going it'll probably get that title in 2010!
Singer: "Go Compare, Go Compaaaare!"
Guy watching TV: *grabs remote and hits the mute button* "SHUT THE HELL UP!!"
by I H8 GoCompare April 25, 2010
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An irritating song used to advertise a company's logo, using an annoying cunt to sing the song, in different genres, mostly operatic crap. the result of listening to this advert/song is usually trauma to the brain, loss of sanity, and a desire to smash the fucker singing the song with some bricks.
John "Have you heard the new GoCompare ad"

Jane "Yes, he's a right cunt!"

John "I think it's catchy"

Jane "Like thrush??"
by dmrc1973 April 09, 2012
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