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a term for anal sex derived from the complicated ordering process at Starbucks, ie "I would like a carmel no whip low fat soy milk decaf frappacino and a dick up my ass."
"Lisa got so drunk last night she let Jeff go to Starbucks"

"Did you see Linda dancing? I wonder if she would let me go to Starbucks!"
by G. George V October 12, 2011
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An activity performed by basic white bitches and hipsters because they have the mental capacity of an Indian tech support worker. You'll often see these people with MacBooks and iPhones typing up scripts probably to try to flex their damaged idea of what a normal functioning human being does on a day to day basis. These people also can't resist to order the most complicated drink they can think of so they sound more intelligent than everyone else.
Gracie: OMG I'm soooo parched, I'm gonna go to Starbucks and order a Grande triple unicorn appletini with divine cream sauce!!
by Thoughts3rased January 21, 2019
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