Thai-made Australian Bush hats worn by F-105 pilots and their EWOs who were stationed in Thailand at Takhli and Korat and flew bombing missions in North Vietnam and Laos during Operation Rolling Thunder during the Vietnam War.
'When a new pilot arrived at Takhli or Korat, he immediately purchased a 'go to hell hat' (an) Australian bush hat at the Post Exchange. For each mission flown against North Vietnam, he etched a black hash mark on the front of the hat; for missions into the Hanoi area (Route Package 6), he penned a red mark on the hat. Status in an F-105 Squadron often boiled down to how many red and black hash marks a pilot wore, with the ultimate status symbol being the 100-missions patch he recieved at the end of a tour.' *excerpt from; "Fast Movers: Jet Pilots and the Vietnam Experience" By John Sherwood
by GbythaC July 7, 2013
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Another name for a flat cap. So named because the wearers (old men and hooligans) are very likely to tell you to go to hell.
by Almet January 5, 2010
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