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Originated on "Go Pie!" is an exclamation used in reference to eating pie, baking pie, or just generally praising the joy of pie.
"For dessert tonight, let's go pie."
"In honor of National Pie Day, Olivia Munn jumped into a huge chocolate cream pie. Way to Go Pie!"
by elsie2715 September 11, 2009
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(In Guyanese Terms) The biggest pimp in all of guyana
Gopie like fah bugga dem gurlz in Guyana
by chad chunoo November 22, 2003
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A skinny punk ass bitch that originated from guyana. This male is scared of pussy and often talks a lot of shit and always can't back it up. He is anti social because he is ashamed of his abnormally small penis size. Please feed him.
He ran from dat gyal's pussy like a tru gopie
by Shawn Somwaru October 02, 2004
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When you pee into a thermos and throw it at a gopher.its known as the national sport of vietnam.
by Sherry & Tiara November 22, 2003
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