Originated on piemaven.com. "Go Pie!" is an exclamation used in reference to eating pie, baking pie, or just generally praising the joy of pie.
"For dessert tonight, let's go pie."
"In honor of National Pie Day, Olivia Munn jumped into a huge chocolate cream pie. Way to Go Pie!"
by elsie2715 September 11, 2009
Fictitious pie to be served to an individual who needs to go fuck his/herself.
Bill: You really made an ass of yourself today during your presentation to the new clients, Frank.

Frank: Hey, Bill, I've got a nice piece of Go Fuck Yourself Pie here for you. Eat up, fucker.
by bktscrambler October 5, 2009
A saying used to illuminate the issue of letting pie go stale. Pie is used as a noun in this form, and refers to a conversation held by close friends. When someone says "Let's not let this pie go stale, they are saying in fact that they do not want this conversation to get boring.
Abby: ....
Bob: .....
Joe: I'm bored of this pie....
Abby: ...come on people
Abby: Let's not let this pie go stale!
by Kodiak The Bear May 26, 2009