To follow the example of the character John Galt in the book "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. A person who goes Galt is a productive member of society who decides to reduce his or her productivity in order to thwart the efforts of unproductive people to take the fruits of his or her labor.
"I can't get ahead. My taxes go up every year."
"Easy! Just go Galt."
by Mike_2352 August 9, 2009
The conservative version of "I'm movin' to Canada!" Referring to John Galt from Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged", Going Galt means leaving what you see as a society crumbling in on itself and going somewhere else to watch it all burn to the ground.
I can't believe that socialist Obama was elected in a statistical landslide. I'm Going Galt!!
by Varchar May 5, 2009
Referencing the protagonist John Galt in Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" where the aforementioned and fellow business tycoons go on strike to "stop the motor of the world" which leads to the collapse of the socialist society (true collectivism would be like the Borg) portrayed in the novel.

Thus "Going Galt" implies to either not start or cease being productive as a response to socialism.
I can't believe that socialist Obama was elected in a statistical landslide. I'm Going Galt!!
by Toilet896 June 21, 2019
A reference to Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" where the society's creative leaders (inventors, artists, captains of industry) go on 'strike' to "stop the motor of the world" and lead to the collapse of the collectivist society portrayed in the novel.

'Going Galt', then, refers to taking your (economic) ball and going home.

Ironically, the people most likely to use this phrase are those who's economic contribution could be best described as limited.
A: "I can't believe that communist Obama with his socialist policies might get re-elected and raise the marginal tax rate by 3%! I'm going Galt!"

B: "But your job as an internet troll doesn't pay you anything and I don't think you know what most of those words mean".

A: "You're violating my first amendment right to freedom of speech! Fascist!"
by Oxford425 October 14, 2012