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A sexually transmitted disease that has the following major symptoms: Raging boner disorder, Uncontrollable swearing, The immediate addiction to black tar heroin, AIDS, extreme hate for blacks, Jews and Asian folk, makes you sexually attracted to coyotes and your cousins, gives your suicidal thoughts, gives you a severe scrotum allergy (Scrotitus A), makes you gay, uncontrollable horniness, loss of pubic hair, causes you to have an extreme fascination with Steven Segal, and everytime you sneeze it gives a small African child Lukemia.

-Not to be mixed with the other word Glungeez, which is a rare disorder that causes rapid shaft growth in small children.
-I aint stickin my dick in yo ass bitch, you stank ass probobly got Glungis or some shit man.
-Nigga I think I got Glungis last Thursday when I busted a nut in my wifes ass.
-Nigga 1: yo whatcha doin man? Nigga2: Fuckin yo bitch, thats what im doin nigga! Nigga 1: Jokes on you bitch, she got Glungis! Nigga 2: Awww Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt.
by Pulloutmynine August 25, 2017
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