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When a person that gives lightshows (with LED gloves) begins gloving without having the gloves on whenever they hear a specific genre of music that they like. This is an uncontrollable impulse which must be satisfied and usually happens without the Glover realizing they are doing it until they see all the weird looks they are getting from people. GS is not a bad thing because it aids a Glover in cleaning up some of his moves and creating new moves. Also known as a finger show, but GS is unintentional.
I was listening to an EDM track when all of a sudden about 2 minutes into it I realized my hands were doing finger rolls, and tutting. Let's just say the looks on people's faces didn't change when I explained that I had Glover's Syndrome (GS)
by TheRealDaFuzz April 01, 2013
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