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Globox is a creature that resembles an amphibian, and is blue (though according to the game Rayman Origins he was previously red). He is a Glute (a species of his kind) and has a wife (Uglette) as well as more than 650 children. He was created by Polokus ( the Bubble Dreamer) who is the creator of their world: the Glade of Dreams.
In the Rayman series, he is portrayed as Rayman's best friend, who he extremely loves, and helps him whenever he is in need of it.
His appearance is fat and blue (as said above) with a pale belly (as well as pale coloured hands) and eyes at the top of his head.
In terms of character he is adorable, helpful, quite dim, friendly and shy. He is also a coward and runs away when he finds himself in the presence of enemies such as Robo-Pirates and Hoodlums, but is very confident under the influence of Plum Juice (which he is ironically allergic to).
Despite not being 'magical', Globox has other astounding abilities. He can conjure a rainstorm out of nothing, as well as slap anyone with an amazing strength and squash anything (and anyone) under all his weight. He can also glide in the air thanks to his massive belly, store objects such as Lums in himself, as well as swim up great heights.
Despite him being fat, he can evidently run as quickly as other characters in the Rayman series.
Globox is a playable character in Rayman M and Rayman Origins
In Rayman 2, Globox stores silver lums from a fairy called Ly which he gives to Rayman in order to enhance his powers. He also helps Rayman escape from certain places (such as the Canopy) by making rainstorms that extinguish fires and grow plants for him to use as disguises.

In Rayman 3, under the influence of plum juice, Globox takes Rayman on his back and swims up a piranha-filled waterfall .

In Rayman M/Arena and Rayman Origins, Globox can hover and glide when jumping off something.
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