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The most loving and funky group of girls and guys that crawl Pacific Beach with glitter, fur coats, and onesie pajamas. Typically, this happens late at night, when a whole swarm of #glitterghouls can be seen together in their prime. We are frequenters of beach walks, hookah bars, and dance parties. The most fun PB has seen in ages. Directly related to the #Felsparty
Yeah bro we were fuckin bombed last night when we saw the Glitter Gang mob like 20 deep at Avenue! That shit was lit! There was glitter everywhere, bro.
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by itsmebree February 06, 2019
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Two people that are extremely happy together. They do things differently from most couples yet seem to function better than other’s
Those two are honestly the Glitter Gang
by Mel-0 May 31, 2018
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