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1. A hermaphrodite who is satisfied by both men and women. 2. a combination of a gay man and a lesbian woman. Glesbidites are turned on by male and female homoerotica, seperately, but not by heterosexuality; i.e. the only way a gay man and a lesbian woman can happily have sex together. Glesbidites are often discriminated against. Five times as much as gays alone, in fact.
A bisexual friend of mine told me she was "Just tired of fucking men and women seperately," and wished there was an alternative. I recommended she involve a glesbidite in her intimacies. She called me up last week and said, "Thanks for the advice. The experience turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me." But she refuses to have sex with me now.
by CRaZY NiGGIE January 23, 2009
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