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Oh Glen Westlake, how terrible that school is. It’s full of the preppy ass kids or ghetto ass kids. Not much of a in between. Some of the counselors are fine, but getting stuck with Ms. Fox could kill you. That school gave me both depression and anxiety. It’s full of future school shooters and druggies who would sell their first born for weed. You can get a detention for simply not having a pencil. Oh And don’t worry half your friends will have to go to either south or east, so be warned who you hang around cause you might have to watch your friends leave you at the end of the 3 terrible years. Westlake was probably the worst 3 years of my life and probably yours as well if you go there.
Person 1- “you went to Glen Westlake Middle School right?”
Person 2- “unfortunately I did. Damn that school was fucked up with it’s stupid ass kids and crazy ass teachers, thank god im out of there”
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by Ummcusemeho February 18, 2018
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