Sex-addicted character from Family Guy. Is usually compared to Charlie Sheen. Loves to giggidy girls gshmoggus's
Glen Quagmire- Hey babe, how old are you?

Girl- 16.

Quagmire- 18, your first.

Girl- Mom, come here.

Quagmire- I like where this is going. All right. Giggidy-giggidy-goo!
by djhf lkjdhflkj February 27, 2012
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Very epic character from animated sitcom family guy from 2003. he loves sexual assaulting children and women.
Omg did you here that Gen Quagmire got sentenced to life imprisonment for 8 terrerbites of child pornography on his alienware gaming laptop. Also nice nice sweggs brother i forgot to mension.
by JohnTonks January 14, 2020
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Looks like Dream lol.

-Omg dream finaly is here
If someone ask: did you saw Dream face reveal?

You say: Yes I saw it on Family Guy, GLEN QUAGMIRE! Gigtty Gigtty!
by SrRumor January 4, 2023
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