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A city on the north shore on long island with about 26000 people living in it. Glen Cove is full of Italian restaurants, small delis, hispanic foodstores, and supermarkets. Most of the people that live here are either Italian, Hispanic, Polish, or Irish. Glen Cove is the only real middle class town on the North Shore, and is the only town that isn't packed full of hockey and lax bros (unlike Locust Valley). Glen Cove is split between the rich developments in the north, the middle class area which is full of italians, and the working class area in the south which looks like queens.
You are a Glen Cove kid if:

You can tell the difference between a Mexican and a Salvadorean.

You know where the projects are and you think you are ghetto even though it is miles away from where you live.

You treat baseball as a religion, not a sport.

It takes you 30 minutes just to get anywhere.

You know someone with the last name Capobianco, Cocchiola, or Famiglietti.

You know where Morgan Park is and think that going to the beach = going to Morgan Park.

You know who Ralph Suozzi is.

You know someone named Sal.

You own a red hoodie.

You hang out in front of the movie theater and see people smoking pot next to you.

You've always dreamed of going to North Shore High School because of their parties and hot girls.

You've tried to have a party but you were busted by the cops even though you weren't doing anything.

You bought from candy dealers in middle school even though it was cheaper to buy candy from the snack shack.

If you have witnessed any of these situations, then you are a true Glen Cove kid.
by look at my ashtray April 15, 2012
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Wealthy town (depending on which part your from) on the north shore of nassau county, long island. Lots of old money families and its always been one of the richest places since the early 1900s on long island. tons of beaches, parks, marinas, restaurants, docks.
Towns like Glen Cove and Manhasset are what make the north shore so famous.
by ny4life March 12, 2006
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Glen Cove is the largest city on the North Shore of Long Island. Like a real city, it has its good side, its bad, and is divided up into parts by ethnicity. Glen Cove is made up of small shops, drug stores, pharmacies, and super-markets. Glen Cove is home to many gangs and can be one of the gulliest of places on the North Shore. On a positive note, it is diverse from the heart of the city to its ports, docks, parks, and its many beaches. It is also the hometown of Murder Inc.'s Ashanti.
Glen Cove can be compared to the map from GTA: San Andreas because like San Andreas, it is broken down into ethnic parts.
by EY aka *abslexly* October 06, 2005
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northest point of nassau county. the largest city on long island. very diverse area. home of Murder Inc.'s own, Ashanti.
Glen Cove is now known as the hometown of ashanti
by kwa March 25, 2005
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the only major city in long island. home of ashanti(greeaatttt). has more water area then land. one of the only areas(mayb the only) that has gangs in the north shore of long island.
although its in north shore, its still gully over here.believe me. come here and ull see
by GCNY March 26, 2005
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