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An onomatopoeia for the sound which may only be reproduced by flatulence; deep, dark, swamp-like, flatulence. Some individuals may only experience such a phenomenon once in a blue moon while others are bound to it invariably. A loose and moist fart that requires power to execute. There is no such thing as a weak Glardtt. A mid to high powered fart that may leave residual evidence, you will know it when you hear it. The definition truly lies in the sound, not the smell or the consequences, which, are subject to a great deal of variation. Glardtting is not a phenomenon restricted to homo sapiens.
"get out of my car, you totally just glardtted and probably ruined my seat"

"I tried to push out a quiet one during my interview but my horrible case of swamp-ass churned it into a glardtt"

"My date glardtted at dinner and I couldn't stop thinking about the glardtt juice in her crack that must have been necessary for such an evil sound; I totally lost my appetite"
by climb-max May 13, 2010
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