A fat chick who doesn't know she's too fat to be wearing those booty shorts. Usually accompanied by the horrific smell of hairspray and hot ass, these fat chicks have more makeup on their faces than a clown. They drive their man's SUVs with the 22" rims and wear no less than 10 pounds of jewelry to hide the fact that they are disgustingly fat and smell of ass. Their hair has highlights that don't match (an example would a dark Mexican chick with yellow-blonde hair and pink lipstick). Their men are usually short, Hispanic dudes who are too much of pussies to tell their woman that they are nasty bitches. This phenomenon must be stopped at all costs...I have kids trying to eat!
That wannabe milf walked by. I caught a glimpse of that neon pink thong and threw up all over some lady nearby.
by Headman August 9, 2005
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