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When sailers returned from a long stent at sea they had tangled, sun-bleached beards consuming the majority of their faces. The light color and died fluffy mess on their faces reminded the towns people of the mustache of fizz a soda from the local pop shop left on on the upper lip of its consumers. Therefore, they decided to give the grizzle men an new name by combining the words grizzly and fizzy to create gizzly. Townsfolk hoped the name would encourage the men to shave.
Today it is used to describe a messy clump of dry tangled hair. Usually the word is used to insult the person it is being spoken about.
That girl's hair is so gizzly, a bird just laid its eggs in it.
Man that in one gizzly beard.
by Lt. Dan on the USS BLUE BEARD November 12, 2013
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