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a bald headed freak that likes girls way more popular than him,, says he can fight but cant fight for shit, thinks hes a pimp any girls except for his mom looks dumbo with his big-ass ears (bald will smith(no offense to will smith)) hits on aija and angela who he cant get if he was dying/sick big-ass teeth huge eyes, thinks hes tough cause of his high level of "ownage" level on runescape says he has 20 girlfriends on runescape and feels "pimp-ish", secretly homo, farting problem loves to lick mens asshole which he calls poop maker; a small shriveled dark burnt penis; masturbates to man on man porn; thinks naruto re-enacting is fun "badass"
Guy#1:did you hear about that guy he has a givon
Aija: he is such a jack-off
angela: I heard hes such a givon
by Givon is homo October 11, 2009
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