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Noun: Gizsm
Pronunciation: Ji-zim

Verb: Gizzed
Pronunciation: Jizzed

Last heard: New York City

Giszm: Sperm from a male ejaculating outside the vagina leaving a distinct pattern, a streak of dots and/or a small puddle of sort. The term is used in past tense as referring to it as being there but all ready happened.

The age of Giszm doesnt matter, it could be fresh or a left over stain from the sperm.

Lets say you go to a hotel and take a black light and you see a sperm stain that resembles the pattern mentioned above. Thats also considered giszm.
Example 1:I just came, look at my giszm on the floor.

Example 2: Wow he gizzed all over her.

Example 3: Cop: Yep we found your giszm all over the crime scene, this proves you were there.
by Stephen Risi September 17, 2008
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