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Giszelle is a fucking hot ass girl. Every girl is jealous of her. She got a lot of guys on her line but most she turns them down. She is very flirty and attractive. She's a good kisser and hugger. She's the type of girl who doesn't need makeup on to look pretty, because she is naturally gorgeous. All the girls that are rude to her are all the ones that be starting at what she wears than buys it or tries coping what she does and try to make it look better. Most of them that try just look like clowns anyways. Any boy that has her is so lucky because she Is very freaky but sweet, kind and caring. She is also the type that will play yo mf video games with yo cute ass. She will also spoil the fuck out of you and show you all her attention and love and appreciation for you.
'' Damn bomb how cute giszelle is looking today!""
by I eat cupcakes February 10, 2018
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