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The most gorgeous,most fun and smartest girl you will ever meet. The type of girl you want to marry, show off, and spend every moment of your life with. Gissela's are always cute; in the way they act and in the way they look. She is unbelievably amazing in everything she does. Her eyes make you want to stare at them all day. Her skin is soft and smooth. She never realizes how beautiful she is no matter how many times you tell her. Her smartness is beyond intelligent, you can practically feel her smarts rubbing off on you! She makes you mad but you cant help but be happy and smile when you see her. She is perfect.
Hey is your girlfriend cute, amazing, and funny?

Of course she is! she's a Gissela!!!
by lehtneun April 10, 2013
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A unique girl who is smart and nice. She's so pretty and can make your saddest days happy.
Person1: what happen? You were sad a few mins ago.

Person2: gissela made me feel better
by Arianaslayssss55 June 17, 2017
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Gissela Can be also known as “ Gissele “. She bubbly in the inside and worries alot.

She’s a strong and powerful woman.

She usually flirts alot. Boys can easily fall in love with her. She also has a smile that is sooo gorgeous. Shes soo beautiful.
I think I’m in love with Gissela!!
by Wysbngdhytf December 03, 2017
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