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On the popular site Neopets, where you raise virtual pets and take care of them, Girofalcon is well known to be the most audacious and egotistical user. The worst part is, he's in the top 1% of wealthy neopians. He was, unfortunately, frozen by TNT after repeatedly skirting the rules over several years. His name will always live in infamy.
1) Girofalcon: Neopets without me is like neopets without a winner.

2) Random: Giro, you have no life. At all.
Girofalcon: I've met plenty of pretty girls. I'm quite the socializer, tyvm.

3) Girofalcon: Pfft I don't need neopoints to get women. My wonderful personality works wonders. Not that I don't have any points, that is.

4) Random: You just need to leave, Giro. You're illiterate, rude, and flaunt your wealth like no other. We're all better off without you, so get going. lol.
Girofalcon: Dude you say I can't spell worth a crap?
I won a spelling bee for spelling hypochondriac.
I'd like to what your little niece can do.
If she's so good maybe she can help you better your account on neopets moo!
by SirGriffingtub August 15, 2011
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