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A girl with scars... They have scars because they self-harm. They don't think much of themselves, but they're amazing, beautiful, and strong. Maybe they've struggled with self harm for years, weeks, or months. It's all the same. To find yourself so worthless, as to take a balde, razor, needle, or whatever they chose, to their skin, is to visit a place so dark most would get caught up in and loose themselves. Girls with scars need more love and effection then they'd ever admit, because every day its a battle to stay clean. To date a girl with scars? You have to be a special type of guy. You have to be able to deal with them constantly needing you, with them messaging you at 3am needing you to talk them into putting down the blade. They need support more then anything in order to not be the next suicide case on the news.
Person 1: "She's one of those girls with scars."

Person 2: "Yeah she's a fighter."
by thegirlwithgrayeyes June 05, 2014
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