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A type of teenage girl found in Dublin, Ireland usually found plastered in fake tan straightened hair with a fuck load of extensions and bright pink lipstick.

When taking pics for bebo they arch their back and stick their ass and tits out while making a piece sign with thier fingers and doing a weird pout with their lips. They say babes a lot and wear leggings without a skirt....sick

They also have a secret language when talking on bebo something like
"ii luff mii baaaaab3y" translates to i love my baby
Girlo 1:H333ya babes yur new extensions are luffly

Girlo 2:Tanx babes dahh briii piink lipstick is fucking gurjus

Girlo1:=) luff yew
by Banana Girl =D March 02, 2009
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A gender-neutral term for someone awesome with whom you feel kinship.
"Hey GIRLOhhhhhhh! How ya doin' GIRLohhhhhh! You know I love you GIRLohhhhh! You should drop that wench like a hot potato girlohhhh!"
by emmerbembu November 04, 2013
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A strange orange creature who believes in licking other girlo's and suffers from sever back-comb-arexia. Other signs of a bad case of girlo is bright pink lips, leopard skin leggings, 10 albums full of pictures of themselves and repeatedly saying 'babe'.
love ya girlo!
oh you're my girlo forever babe
tseee girlos!
me love girlos!
by marymac October 15, 2008
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