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When you are playing online call of duty and your missus calls your mobile, therefore causing you to turn down the gunfire noises and mute your mic so that the guys cant hear how lovey-dovey you speak to your lady. Unfortunately this multi-tasking is out of reach to the average testosterone fueled man beast and one act tends to suffer over the other....predominantly the conversation with your gf, where you tend to answer with one word retorts and ask the occasionally fleeting question like "how was you day?" you know will keep her yapping pointlessly while you secretly boost your Kill/Death ratio.
Me: "Hold on guys my girlfriend's calling of duty, protect me while I get my care package, be back in a min....(mute mic, turn down TV)......HEEEEY BABY!, What have you been up to today?"

Gf: "yap yap yap, blah blah menstruation blah" (all the while you just attained a 7 kill streak with a silent inner high five to yourself, BOOM!)
by BiddelyBongPills87 October 07, 2011
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