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A wholesome girl, usually quite young and not bad on the eyes. She is the type of girl who is always there for you when you need her; she's selfless and tries hard to be the "relationship girl" but ends up being the "guy's girl" because she's relatable without trying too hard to be which is why she gets along with mothers. When she obtains this position, it is hard to get out of and she is waiting on a game changer. She has an innocent look to her but a secret sexual appeal that every guy she encounters can see. Instead of trying to touch her emotionally, their goal is to touch her physcially and to try to peel back and see that sexual side. This girl is the girl you remember from your childhood; She's usually the shy girl with the dimple and the one that father's want their sons to be with. But she will always be in this loop because everyone wants to see beyond the eyes. Time and patience are the only cures.
Bailey is always single but not because she is unattractive or by her choice, it's because she has the Girl Next Door Syndrome.
by swangirl93 May 14, 2013
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