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The hardest sport ever! People doubt you because your a girl and they think that you not strong enough. But actually you can lift up, take down, and slaughter your partner. You can do bulldogs, shots, half nelsons, wizzers, cradles, sick-ass pins just like guys do. All the guys on the team respect you, and they treat you like their sister. Nobody fucks around with you, because your a wrestler. Especially, if your a girl wrestler!
Is that a girl wrestler?
Hell yeah!! She's good too, she's beating that guys ass!

Girl's wrestling
by Wrestlehardgirl March 02, 2011
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The new generation of BAMF's that can bust their asses as much as the boys do in wrestling practice. We do the exact same weight percentages and lift just like they do. We run with 45 pound bags for 20 minutes, just like they do. Us BAMF's can do all of the drills that boys do like gramby's, firemans, treetops, petersons, charella series, hammers, halfs, head & arm, double & singles, snaps and all that other kind of shit. We are as tough as you boys, and if you have ever been to a pool tourney or a duel, some of us are pretty damn hott!
dude 1: Dude, i didnt know that there is Girl's Wrestling?!
dude 2: Yeah, my friend got his ass whooped by a girl just a while ago.
dude 1: I bet he felt like shit...
dude 2: He did man, everyone gives him shit
by Emily Motha Fuckin Robbins February 23, 2009
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