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(Gur-kun): A noun that means nothing but means absolutely everything at the same time. The word means different things depending on the tonality of the person saying it. Most commonly used as an expression of affirmation, it also is used in awkward situations to change the subject or break the ice. Rise of the word among Generation Y came about due to it's idiosyncratic sounding nature.
Reporter: Mr. President how will you go about coming to a mutual agreement to lift the debt ceiling before a catastrophic default which could lead worldwide financial markets to crash and plunge the economy into recession.
President: Girkan
Daughter: Mum I think I'm late this month!!!
Mom: Girkan!
Peter: Man I got all these bills to pay, mortgage and my girlfriend just dumped my ass.
Steve: Girkan!
Sam: I fucken hate asian drivers, do they buy their licenses?
Xiao Ying: Girkan!
by Trog87 August 04, 2011
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