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Giratina can be found in both the Diamond and Pearl versions of pokemon. It is Found at turnback cave, which is a cave with 30 roomsthat you enter at random. Giratina is a pokemon said to live in a world on the reverse of ours. It appears in an ancient cemetery.
Giratina met at level 70
by CalebX June 19, 2007
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Otherwise known as the Renegade Pokemon, he is pretty much the most BA dragon you'll ever find. He can switch from the six-legged Altered Forme (when he's walking around on Earth) to the Origin Forme (when he's in his domain, the Reverse World) which looks more like a snake with an epic golden crest on his head than a dragon.

He uses this sweet move called Shadow Force where he disappears for one turn in which you can't attack him AT ALL, and then he comes out of the shadows and strikes you in the next turn. It's epic if you're the owner of the Giratina utilizing this move, but pretty dang annoying if you're on the receiving end. Especially when he uses it over and over again.

Also, it's near impossible to create a gijinka (humanized) version of Giratina that isn't somewhat sexy.
Overexcited pokemon trainer: OHMIGOSH I just caught a Giratina!!!!!!!!1 Hes already at LEVEL 52!!!!

Trainer with no life: Mine is shiny, EV-trained, and at level 100. 8|


Overexcited trainer: *flails and runs away for his life*
by SunnyJen June 27, 2011
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