A male that attends the Georgia Institute Of Technology, characterized by his small Penis, small overall physical size, pale skin; almost albino in appearance.

Also having no discernable social skills and known for wetting his undergarments when attempting to converse with members of the opposite sex.

Often Graduates suffer from an inferiority complex; stemming from the fact that all of the graduates work for Business Major Graduates from Rival schools, such as The University Of Georgia, Georgia State University, Georgia Military College, Agnes Scott or Parkview High School.

In Short, an Asshole.
Did you know Kumar was a GIOT? Yea it’s pretty obvious…

Hhhhi girlszzz; ew! Get away from me GIOT!

I went to the bathroom in the TBS building and got five diplomas from “Georgia Tech” from the roll hanging in the stall; does that make me a GIOT?

Another GIOT was arrested today when Atlanta police witnessed a man propositioning a stop sign repeatedly at the Corner of 10th and Spring St.
by David Braine April 07, 2009
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