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Also known as the Ginyu Special Force and the Ginyu Tokusentai, the Ginyu Force is a group of five super-powerful villains in the manga and anime Dragon Ball Z. The Ginyu Force's names are all puns off of dairy products and the members are Captain Ginyu, a purple body-snatching alien with horns; Jeice/Jheese, a bright red guy with white hair who for some reason in one of the dubs has an Australian accent; ReCoome/Rikumu/ReaCoome, a very creepy alien guy who manages to beat the crap out of Vegeta; Burter/Butta, a tall blue alien dude who is "the fastest in the universe"; and Guldo/Ghurd/Gurd, a tiny green guy who can stop time but only for as long as he can hold his breath for. The Ginyu Force has an entrance dance similar to that of Team Rocket. All are very, very camp.
Ginyu Force: Together we are...The Ginyu Force!
Vegeta: *facepalm*
by Xacebans November 21, 2010
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