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A male coworker who constantly creeps out and sexually molests other male coworkers, both through his words and actions. This coworker has generally been a part of an organization for so long that normal workplace etiquette no longer applies to him. This is not to say, however, that every male office veteran can be a Ginguedusky. It takes an especially demented and sexually confused individual to become a Ginguedusky.
When a junior member of the team asks Ginguedusky if he needs a hand with anything, Ginguedusky will generally reply with "I could use a hand job".

If Ginguedusky notices that a member of the team is engrossed in work, he will sneak up from behind and rest his chin on that person's head while stroking his earlobes.

Ginguedusky will leave voicemails that consist of him breathing heavily into the phone for well over a minute.
by SoyCube October 18, 2012
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