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When a person of ginger or daywalker ethnic origins sneaks or wanders in to the background of photos, often ruining them. This commonly results in otherwise decent pictures being discarded or at least prevents them from being used on social networking websites.
Oh man i found this really good picture of Jerome and I but I didn't put it on facebook because it got gingerbombed hard.
by gititgititgitit May 23, 2010
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A Ginger Bomb is a drink that was made in the sunny land of Nethybridge one day whilst drunk.

Two ginger lads (hence the name)wondered what would happen if you mixed vodka and soy sauce together.

The result tasted great and made better by the fact that not many people like it, so there's more left for you to drink.
Person 1: Hey, i wonder what would happen if you mixed vodka and soy sauce together?

Person 2: Wow, this tastes great! Lets call it the Ginger Bomb due to our hair colour!!
by Stewi March 10, 2009
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A shot of Jagermeister cut with ginger ale, served in an opaque glass with a parasol.
Paddy O'Malley: This ginger bomb that I'm about to drink is oddly fitting because of my red hair and Irish heritage!

John Kierkegaard: Does it come with a soul?

Paddy O'Malley: Fuck you, John Kierkegaard. Fuck you, indeed.
by Kurtis LaMei April 23, 2012
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