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Those with red/orange hair who take being a hipster to the next level. They go so far as to be proud of their hair color. They argue points such as how to say "either" or "neither". They will perform in acts that seem main stream (e.g. life guarding) but they reject the normal ways of doing these actions (e.g. not wearing uniform while life guarding). They are tall and slim and usually seem to fit in well to the everyday "high school scene". But behind the facade, they reject everyone else's realty and insert their own!
Girl 1: hey! Neither (said like kneether) of these tables are clean...where should we sit?

Ginger Hipsters : WHAT! its pronounced n-EYE-ther!

girl 1: alright, but where should we sit? either (ee-ther) here or there.

Ginger Hipster: its pronounced EYE-ther!! god, now I can't even eat my grapes (the red kind WITH seeds)
by J-N@$ttY June 30, 2011
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