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the act of placing both of your testicles as well as your penis inside of a condom at the same time. Thus offering the maximum protection from a dodgy sexual partner. This act causes the penis and testicles to closely resemble a ginger root.
"wow that girl last night was pretty dirty I had to use the ginger root to make sure I didn't catch anything"
by hambatch December 13, 2011
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The most elusive drug in the world. Those who have taken it say its the best trip they've ever experienced. Found in the deep mines of Guam. Also grown proactively in New Jersey. So uncommon and rare- that only 1.5 out of 700,000 people have tried it.
Person 1: Have you heard that Robby doesnt even do ginger root?
Person 2: How lame, i bet he only smokes the dank kush
by yikers7888655 August 20, 2016
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