A Ginger Kid who's height and weight make him a ginger giant. Known for being able to crush midgets and other people throughout the world.
Oggy is a Ginger Giant as he is 6'4" 230 pounds and can bench press your house with his ginger rage.
by Red Rocket28 June 24, 2009
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A astonishing creature that once roamed our earth freely before going extinct.
"ginger monkey" , "Hey, look over there its a ginger monkey", "Gary stop trying to be funny you know your wife doesnt love you and your kids left you several years ago" , "But, ginger monkey makes me happy" , "Oh shut up Gary you need to grow up an- OH MY GOD THERE REALLY IS A GINGER MON-", the monkey proceeded to tear Johns face off and devour his corpse and then later recorded it and put it on live leak, Gary stared smugly until the giant ginger monkey molested him and yet again put it on live leak.
by big monkey muncher August 7, 2022
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