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Internet personality associated with being a cheap ass. However, this personality only uses brand new, never used products. Because of this, in conjuction with the lack of funds to order products in bulk, this personality refuses to pay market value for any product. Even if there is no other viable options to procure a product other than the market value, this personality refuses to accept and will continue to request a lower cost alternative be presented.
A request for bids resulted in 10 responses from qualified vendors. Pricing associated with each response were the same across each vendor, proving the market value for requested brand new products to be confirmed. GilmourD would not accept this data as presented and requested a new request for bids be advertised in the hopes of procuring a lower cost. Bids were received again and resulted in the same market value as previously received. GilmourD refused to accept this and reissued a request for bids. (This keeps going over and over)
by HCFX July 28, 2010
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