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Is where a man empties his anus and ejaculates on a girls face at the same time.

Usually performed by the lowest of the low as a sexual act but has been known to happen when a man is aroused and frightened.
Last night my boyfriend gillah'd me, it was hot

Dude, this girl at the festival had her side boob in my face - I had a hard on until her boyfriend came over and I did a Gillah
by sxysupernova May 12, 2014
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Gillah is the moment when fecal matter leaves the anus and upon hitting the toilet water, causes a splash back and subsequently, extreme wetness and discomfort.

Generally taken as a bad thing.
"Ah man, that guy's as bad as Gillah"

"Damn man, just went to the toilet and was Gillah'd"

"Gilla sucks dude, i hate that shit"
by noperm March 20, 2014
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