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(noun) a person who says or writes negative, unpleasant and sometimes hurtful things about the gilet. The average gilet-hater's reason for why they hate the gilet is typically short on specific details and long on expletives, inevitably ending with the very mature statement that "all gilet wearers are cunts". Which is strangely ironic, because the average gilet-hater is often a "cunt". Whilst a minority of gilet-haters may have a reason, the limited IQ of this group of people prevents them from articulating it, rendering it and them also "cunts".

The literature is silent on the topic of the gilet-hater and there is absolutely no interest in exploring it further, given the clear fundamental value in the objective physical properties of the gilet - versatility, practicality and lit-fuckin-radicality. Plus gilet-haters are objective "cunts".
Gilet-hater: "incomprehensible garbage sounds"
Person A: "I have no idea wtf you just said. Are you a gilet-hater?"
by KDOdoubleG June 19, 2018
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