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A mansion nickname that's a house type that's the biggest of its kind & is bigger than a Mega-Mansion.
Buyer: So, is this the biggest Mega-Mansion on the market?
Agent: No! this isn't even a Mega-Mansion this is a Giga-Mansion it's even larger!
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by Star Spire June 17, 2018
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A house or residence that is so big and expensive that it makes mansions look like ordinary homes. These homes are built by the new wave of billionaires such as hedge fund managers and tech entrepreneurs. mansion, tech, Wall Street, billionaire, hundred millionaire, techies, entrepreneur, IPO, hedge fund, trillionaire, NASDAQ, Dow Jones Industrial, NYSE, ballers, income inequality, the 1%, super rich, rich
I thought I was big time when I moved to Beverly Hills. A new tech billionaire wants to buy my home, tear it down and build a gigamansion worth $500 million.
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by joecoolthefool April 15, 2019
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