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Someone who thinks that he is a Pro-Gamer,
but in real life he is the prototype of a
casual gamer.
Usually a person older than 30 years that is still
playing Videogames intended for children.
As a consequence he is frightened about games
for adults.
Most Giernots were born in regions with very low population
as forrests or farm-regions.
As a consequence a Giernot is affraid of the real world.
To form a contrast his major feeding is based on chinese food,
it is expected that he so tries to prove his (not existing) urbanity.
A further consequence is that he is really agressiv in traffic,
especially when driving a car.
Maybe a implication of growing up with bears.
(For a Giernot a car seems to be a wild animal)
A Giernot likes to play old NES-Games, because he is afraid of more than 8 bit.
by Schalke November 26, 2011
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A person who dies in videogames because he is to greedy.
Especially used when a player grabs an unimportend item and gets shot.
Sometimes used for a teammate with very little skills in a Coop-Match.
Lack of tactical talent.
A Casual-Gamer.
You are such a giernot!
greedy giernot
by Giergor July 08, 2011
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