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A GIANT BURNSO is categorized as one who resembles a female, yet is a mythical colorful creature. Most giant burnso's are found in science-fiction novels, but many have said to have been eyewitnesses to the real thing. I for one have seen one of them, It's color is similar to the "pink panther", yet the giant burnso is normally "green" with anger resembling a giant wasabi pea. The myth of the giant burnso was originated from early 1400's, where a seafarer traveling to seek land first came across the giant burnso. After the capsized vessel was found floating on shore, the sea man was found in the boat truly scared to death, his eyes wide open, only no words were ever to be spoken from him again. On a note they found the words "it was the giant burnso". After days passed he finally spoke of his tragic meeting with this creature, his voice shaky he described that once he looked into the cold eyes of the burnso, he went numb. He heard a horrific screeching come from the beast, all he could make out from the screams was the words "burnso, giant burnso". Finally the creature picked up the man, and the way he described it was he felt like the creature was actually sucking the life from his mouth. His body than went limp, and the creature disappeared. Other stories have been similar to that of the sea mans tragic meeting, only the others all describe the colors of the burnso as everything but pink, some say a yellow tail, with a gian brown beard, while others only say they saw green. I would suggest to my fellow sea men to be careful on the unwitting seas. You never know when the "giant burnso" could be lurking up behind you

I walked around the block and there it was the "giant burnso"
by TD2 July 10, 2008
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one who resembles a female, only is nothing more than a colorful bearded mythical beast, green with envy, pink with pride
i came around the corner and saw the dreaded giant burnso
by burnso July 10, 2008
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