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a gathering of people who are not easily offended, but who tend to (usually accidentally) offend others easily. Members of this group come together regularly to relax and know they can say absolutely anything that pops into their mind and no one will be offended. These groups are typically a very diverse crowd, with only a few things in common. The dynamic works perfectly, because members are not afraid of words and don't understand political correctness. The ties that bind these groups together are strong.
Janet: Where's this "Giant Nine" you're always going to?

Brad: It's not a "where" or a "who" or a "what". Giant Nine is the spirit of the people.

Janet: Huh?

Brad: Dammit! Janet! Ok, it's people who don't necessarily play well with others, because other people think they're mean and/or heartless, or because they can't tolerate drama.

Janet: Oh, I think I get when you're around these people you can say political "bad" words? *whispers* can you say "retard"? What about "fat"? "Fag"?

Brad: Yes, yes we can. We're not bad people for using words. We are not emotionally motivated for the most part, so drama is nonexistent when you're with the Giant Nine. It's a little like Cloud Nine--with all the politically incorrect jokes you can handle!
by mommaserene March 01, 2010
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