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An artificial intelligence crafted by Merlin of Amber in Roger Zelazny's Amber mythology. Noted for its capability to transport people and objects through Shadow.
"After finishing construction, Merlin set Ghostwheel to work indexing Shadows in the same way that a search engine indexes the internet. Similar to a search engine, Ghostwheel can find, track, and retrieve objects from Shadow; this includes the ability to move people and objects between Shadows. Ghostwheel operates by creating pseudo-Trumps for every mutation of Shadow and then searching them."
by MockingbirdQ February 12, 2014
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When a persons gf/bf is not able to attend a non declared date, with a group of friends who all happen to be couples, because they are in a long distance relationship.
At a table of friends.
Deanna: "You guys want to come to a movie tonight?"
Mike: "Ya sure i'll come!"
Deanna: "Great! Text ya with the details later!"

Later that day.

Deanna: "Hey Mike, the movie is at 8."
Mike: "Ok, cool. Who all is coming?"
Deanna: "Daph & Bry, Amy & James, Kozy & I"

Mike: "Ohhhh... ok, thinking in head yeah i'll be the Ghost Wheel..., but movie will be amazing, to bad my girlfriend Hillary and I aren't in the same city :(
by mj2borla November 23, 2010
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To wheel (flirt); with a girl/guy without him/her or their friends knowing your wheeling them.
Yo man i just wheeled Zoey. She didn't even know it now she wants me. Mad Ghost Wheels"
by itssallllgood December 13, 2010
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