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Ghetto Netto is the new Netto supermarket in dover
which provides food & sustinance for the town and neighbouring countries haha

it is also the turf of St Edmunds & was recently defended in a brutal gang war against Astor n Boys Grammer or summit.

did tupac teach us nothin?!

further more u can buy pretty much half the shop for a quid :P

blates one of dovers top tourist atractions
"Bruv did u hear about ghetto netto?"
-"Nahh blud?"
"There was sum hench fight outside it yeh! Oh & i bought 4 redbulls for a £1!"
-"Serious!... 4 for a £1 BRRRRAP rep ur ends innit. u get me!"

Yes this is how we talk in dover :P
by pretty ricky ross August 05, 2007
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