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Phrase used to describe someone who is truly from the ghetto and acts accordingly. 'Ghetto blay chay's are often very street wise, can 'hustle' very well and never seem to portray a sense of fear. They are also very good at attracting memebrs of the opposite sex. Another phrase for a 'ghetto soldier'.

It is derived from the word 'ghetto' attached to the words 'black' and 'child' which have been changed in order to give it a smoother sound. 'Ghetto blay chay's tend to be african american in race, hence the name. This is used as a compliment rather than a derogatory remark.

The creator of this phrase, although unclear, is heard to be named as a Mr.Kano, a rap producer settled in the U.S.A.
Man 1: "Yo dawg! You met up with keyshia last night?"
Man 2: "Ya dam strate son! and i waxed that asssss, till she showed me what shes wurkin with!!"
Man 1: "Dam dawg! You's a strate up ghetto blay chay!"
Man 2: "Wurd!"
by Trill wurdz April 24, 2006
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