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A mid-tempo electronic music genre that blends breakbeat, funk, hip-hop, and bass music. Could perhaps be seen as a modified form of "nu-funk" or "breakbeat" in itself. The underground movement is best represented by the eponymous blog, which also releases exclusive promotions for artists of the scene.
Pat: Did you hear the latest Ghetto Funk EP?

Sam: Yeah, Slynk killed it with some funky bass-heavy bangers!
by sampledelic February 06, 2012
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A multidefinitive and inherently self-contradicting word.
1) Unusual but interesting therefore.
2) Broken, rundown, or out of order
3) Hip or trendy
Ryan: "Ey dawg I hurrd AC/DC be playin' tonight at the club!"
Deryck: "Aw mayn dat's ghettofunk!!"
by Deryck June 08, 2004
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