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Generating money for your home via money saving methods.

Origin: Originating for Korea, it was first heard in the mythological pairing of a dragon and a white haired extremely good looking man.
The hamster is not running fast enough to generate enough ghetto electro to heat my shower.
by XChancyX December 20, 2010
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2 words separately you'll get it. Ghetto itself means "gangster" and modern gangsters use "hip-hop" trends. Electro is short for electronic or "techno". So it means electronic hip-hop. Which is what this song EXACTLY sounds like.
Finally, I've been listening to GD &T.O.P- High High for a week and i couldn't understand the spelling partο»Ώ (Ghetto electronic).

Credits go to YeoSuanMei on Youtube
by 90schild July 30, 2011
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